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What We’re Saving For

So a goal of $25,000 sure seems like a lofty one…  Might as well give ourselves a bit of motivation in the form of a picture of what we’re saving for.

I think the Lusby house plan will suit my Mom the best.  It has a full kitchen and bathroom, a lower level bedroom, and a loft for an extra bed or extra storage, and a small loft above the front door that I can just see full of beautiful plants!

I’ve been in love with Tiny Houses ever since I stumbled upon them years ago.  I’m excited by the prospect of actually building one!

Head on over to Tumbleweed Houses for all kinds of useful information about the Tiny House movement, and to fall in love with them yourself!


The Goal

In 2011, the week after Thanksgiving, my Mom went missing.  She’s bi-polar and hadn’t been taking her meds.  For the better part of a week she was a missing person.  I started a group on Facebook called Bring Mindy Home and with the help of friends and family we got the word out.

 Thankfully, we found out my Mom was safe!

 Unfortunately that wasn’t the beginning of her struggles, and it doesn’t look like we’ve reached the end of them yet, either.

 She hadn’t been able to find work, and wasn’t able to renew her lease.  She ended up living in her car with her cat Muffy.  Before my Mom’s breakdown, she said that she had lived in over 20 different places in her lifetime. 

 More than anything I want to give her a sense of security, a sense of HOME.  For only $25,000 she can have her very own house.  So regardless of how many times she moves in the future, she’ll always have one home.

 Please help us reach our goal of building my Mom her very own Tumbleweed Tiny House.  Your compassion and generosity is much appreciated!

“A good dwelling offers more than shelter and security. A truly good house evokes a sense of home.” – Jay Shafer